Monday, June 15, 2009

My Little Swimmer

I'm so proud of this boy! It's such a privilege to see the pure happiness that oozes out of him when he is in the water.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I made it into some pictures!

We went on a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas a couple of weekends ago with some of Neal's family. We had a great time on the lake. Thanks to Kevin, there are actually some pictures of me, so I had to post them, just to show that I was there!

I'm always thrilled to get a picture of the 5 of us together. Poor Luke was so uncomfortable in that life jacket.
Me and Gabe on the boat. Gabe kept saying he didn't want to get on the tube, even up to the minute he willingly got on it. He kept the most serious look on his face the whole time, except for one moment, when he smiled. He realized he was smiling a quit really quick, it was like he didn't want us to see how much fun he was having. Then, he surprised us all by jumping in to the water before he got back in the boat from the tube. He is in a funny little stage where he acts scared to do everything, but always has so much fun doing the new things.
Sam and I on the tube. He is a little fish, my oldest, he LOVES to be in the water, so he was in little boy heaven all weekend. He loved tubing and doing flips off the boat into the water. The first time he ever got out on a tube was this weekend with Neal. He was having so much fun that Neal started trying to do tricks, like jumping the wake. Well, he succeeded and ended up flipping the tube completely over, so I'm sitting in the boat, watching my baby, hands holding on tight to the tube, that was upside down, dumping him into the water head first. It was so scary to watch, I didn't even realize that I had started crying until after the tears were streaming down my face. He bopped back up to the surface almost immediately and once he saw Neal, had the biggest smile on his face. He loves to tell that story, even a few weeks later. There was no wake jumping while I was on the tube.
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