Monday, July 30, 2007


I had such a fun visit to Houston this weekend. First of all, flying on a plane all by myself was heavenly! I got to read, take a little nap and didn't have to worry about any one being disruptive! My mom picked me up from the airport with some bright yellow daisy's and told me that might be the only sunshine I saw all weekend (it almost was). We went and had a nice lunch at Cafe Express, we don't have those in Nashville, so that was a treat. Then we headed to my mom's office, where Cindy gave me an ultrasound. It was wonderful to see this new little life growing in my tummy. I was so relieved to see his little heart beating and him kicking around like crazy, I have been holding my breath for the last 15 months, and now, I finally feel like I can breath easier and enjoy this pregnancy. It was exciting to find out this early that he is a little boy. After the ultrasound, my mom and I went to Old Navy and she bought me some really cute dresses...not from the maternity section! I love the style these days, perfect for us preggos. Then I went to my dear friend, Carly's house because another dear friend, Amy was in town from Dallas. It was so good to see her, even though it was only for an hour. I always love being around Amy, she is the sweetest, kindest and funniest person ever. She makes me laugh all the time. Then, I went and hung out with my parents for the evening. They have a new little mexican food place they frequent weekly, so I was the guest of honor. The waiter knows them and didn't even have to ask what they wanted to order! They go that often! It was great to get to spend time with them, weird without the boys around, but so nice to get to visit and have them all to myself! On Saturday, I slept in and then Mom and I went to get Shipley's (again, we don't have those in Nashville) and went to see my brother, sister-in-law, 3 niece's and 1 nephew. Morgan is 10.5, she emails me now and every time I write her back I think she won't be able to read it, of course she can, but I can't believe she is old enough to read and type emails! I love her, she is my little munchkin, even though she is old enough to think Zac Ephron and Jesse Mcartney are cute. Payton is 3, and was wearing one of the Princess dresses (I'll never know all the princesses now with 3 boys!), she is so girly, which is so much fun, since Morgan is NOT into the girly thing. She kills me when she talks, because she has the cutest little voice and gets so excited when she is trying to tell you something. Jacob is Payton's twin brother. He breaks my heart, he has the sweetest little face and is just so sweet and innocent looking (although I'm sure Loy would say he isn't always so innocent or so sweet). He doesn't talk as much as Payton, because I think she talks for him! Addison is the baby, she is about 7 months and is teeny tiny. She can almost crawl and it's hysterical to see this little thing crawling around on the floor. She loves to watch what her sisters and brother are doing at all times, and yells at them. They are all so good with her and can make her laugh at the drop of a hat. It was fun to see them, Todd and Loy. After that, Carly came to pick me up and we went to The Woodlands to spend the afternoon shopping, with no kids in tow! Carly is pregnant as well, which is so much fun, since we have been pregnant together with our other 2 kids. Sam and Maggie are 2 weeks apart, Carly and Casey lived in Nashville when they were born, we had the same doctor and were each in the room when our first babies were born. They moved to Houston later, which was so sad. Gabe and Rory are 2 months apart, and now these 2 babies will be around 5 weeks apart! Both of us have had 2 miscarriages each and we still manage to be preggers together. It's so much fun. I love Carly...she is a lifelong friend. I knew her growing up, but we weren't really friends, we really got to know each other in Nashville and have been dear friends ever since. She is very wise and knowledgeable about so many things. She almost always knows the answer to any of my questions and is so good at helping me sort through things and just being there to listen to me. Even though she lives in Houston now, we usually talk at least once a week. She also has great fashion sense, so I always love shopping with her because I end up buying stuff I wouldn't normally buy. Like the silver flats and stripy leggings from Charming Charlies! That evening we met up with Laura and Shana at Lupe Tortilla (they have the best fajitas, in my opinion. Again, not one of these in Nashville and is my absolute favorite place to get messican in Houston). We got stuffed on fajitas and queso and got caught up with each other. Laura is my sister-in-law. Adam, Neal's brother, had the sense to marry someone that I would love dearly as my sister and my friend. Laura is the most encouraging person you could ever meet and has an infectious laugh. I sat next to her later that night when we went to see Hairspray and laughed more because I was sitting next to her. Shana and I have been best friends since 6th grade! Through all the changes life has brought us, we have remained close through all of it. The Lord has always brought us commonality in the midst of our different circumstances and we have been able to encourage, love and be honest with each other for so many years. I love her so much and would do anything for her. Now, if you want to go see Hairspray, make sure you go with your girlfriends, boys would be a bad thing in this movie. It's hysterical because it is so cheesey. I loved it! Our friend Kandice, who is actually my next door neighbor was in town too, so she and some of her friends met up with us for the movie. It was a blast. On Sunday, I went to breakfast with my parents and then my friend from elementary, middle and high school, Sarah came to pick me up with her daughter, Bella. The last time I saw Sarah was last year, in July, for our 10 year HS reunion. She, Cassidy and I were the best of friends growing up, so we all got to spend the weekend together and experience the reunion together. Anyway, Sarah and her husband have moved back to Houston and are both doing Doctor stuff. Sae just graduated med school and is doing her residency in Houston for Pediatrics. She is so smart and I am always fascinated to talk to her and ask her all my medical questions. It was fun to see her awesome condo in the Medical Center and see her as a mom to sweet little Bella. After our time together, she took me to the airport. My flight was delayed an hour, but I didn't mind. I had my book and the airport is SUCH a great place to people watch. I love sitting in one place and watching all the different people walk by and wondering what their story is. Neal and the boys picked me up from the airport. It was so good for me to see them all and so good for me to have been away so we could miss each other. The absence really does make the heart grow fonder! It was so good for them to have the weekend with just their Daddy. It was so great to get away, see my friends and family and have some time to myself to do my thing. I came back feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into my life with renewed...patience? energy?...renewed something at least!


I had an ultrasound on Friday when I was in Houston (thanks again Cindy!) and there was no denying that this new baby is a boy! He made it very obvious, a few times. I kept asking Cindy to go back and check, just one more time, to be sure! I really didn't have a feeling either way, but wasn't expecting to be so surprised. Three boys is alot of boys, plus there's Neal, so that makes 4 boys living in my house! I was reminded again that the Lord is so gracious and faithful to give us what we need, just at the perfect time. I love His timing and His plan, it's always so fun to see how His plan unfolds in our lives. All of my boys birthdays will be within 4 months of each other, in the coldest months of Nashville! But, that means that all of Sam and Gabe's clothes will be in the right season for this little baby. Sam will just have turned 5 and Gabe will be turning 3, a few weeks after the new baby. I'll use Gabe's bedding, but I'm going to re-paint the nursery and decorate it differently. I'm not sure yet what I'll do, but I know it will come to me. I've still got alot of time until January! We are still discussing name options, our list isn't that long after going through it with the other two. We want something that fits with Sam and Gabe...I'll let you know when we decide, although Neal usually takes awhile to commit.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'm off to Houston tomorrow morning for a fun weekend...and I'm going alone! Neal has been out of town so much the past few weeks, that I'm teetering on the edge of insanity! So, my sweet husband told me I could take our free SW flight and take a weekend to myself. I'm going to spend some time with some of my best friends, see some movies, sleep in, eat Mexican and shop! I'll have a full update next week...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This weekend...

Neal was out of town. He travels quite a bit for his job, but typically during the week. Every once in a while he has to go out of town on a weekend, when a church has their grand opening. He works for a company that does Audio, Video and Lighting installs for churches building or renovating their campuses. So, it would make sense that he be there for their big opening. I try to be understanding, but I hate weekends alone with just me and the boys! It just doesn't feel right, because I know he should be home. I dread the weekends when I know he is going to be gone. Luckily, we had a birthday party at Pump it Up on Saturday, during nap time...which meant an early bedtime! If we are really lucky, my friend Kandice's (who lives a house away) husband is out of town the same time, so we will camp out at one of our houses to pass the time and have some "adult" talk! She and her little cutie baby Eli came over last night with one of their friends to keep us company in that time before bed without a nap all day. I didn't have the energy this morning to get us all up at to church on time, so we are having a pj day! I'm going to have to be okay with leaving the TV on a little longer than I normally would and we might just have to get out for a trip to Sonic!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sick, Sick, Sick

Sam started it with a fever, Gabe took the fever and added vomiting, I took the vomiting and dropped the fever. It's been a gross few days at our house! Luckily, Neal come home from work early yesterday when I was at my worst. I was able to take Fennegren (pill form, thank you) and I slept for 5 hours...during the day! I'm feeling much better today and so are the boys. I think it was just a little 24 hour bug, thank goodness. I hate when I'm sick like that and know that I shouldn't eat anything, so then all I can think about is what I want to eat, but can't. Like Mexican food, Cheeseburger Charlies, french fries with ketchup, pizza...I was well enough this afternoon to get my Mexican in! Of course, Mexican in Nashville is kinda a joke. Nothing like growing up in Houston with a Mexican food place on every corner, Lupe Tortilla and Pappasittos down the street...I could do with some Lupe fajitas right now, yum.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Potty Training

Gabe has got it down, but only when he is naked. And that's really a problem, since I can't take him to Target and Sonic naked. The second I put underwear on him, he forgets all about the potty, he won't tell me he has to go, he won't tell me when he goes, it doesn't bother him to be wet. I've tried positive reinforcement, mm's, skittles, fun underwear...I'm at a loss. I don't want to give up because he gets it, I just don't know how to get past this phase. Thoughts anyone? Any magic tips?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

We heard the heartbeat again today! What a relief to be at this point in my pregnancy and hear it! It was an important marker in this pregnancy, since my last 2 ended around 10 weeks. I feel like I can relax a little bit and enjoy being pregnant again. I find rest in knowing that the Lord is in charge of this little life, and that He has given me this opportunity to be a part of it. I want to enjoy it. We are hoping to find out if we will have another boy or if we will get to add some pink into the mix in about 5 or 6 weeks, mid-August. I'll let you know!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


My little Gabey got a hold of a green crayon today. This morning, we had a long talk about how the crayons stay at the kitchen table and we only color on paper. Not an hour after than little talk, he smuggled a green crayon upstairs to the play room. Neal and I were having a serious conversation, for at least 45 minutes, Gabe and Sam were upstairs playing. After Neal and I are done, I go upstairs to find Gabe holding a crayon. At closer inspection, I see that there is green crayon scribble all over the walls, the couch, the frame of my glider, the TV, the TV cabinet, every table in the room, the blinds, the window frame, the mouse pad and the lamp shade that was on the floor. Little Gabe spent alot of time in his bed while Mommy calmed down. When I walked in to get him, he said, crying hysterically and without prompting "I'm SO sorry Mommy". He knew he was in trouble, big time. Sam's go to line for the whole incident was "Gabe did it", he got a big talk about not encouraging Gabe to do something he shouldn't be doing and letting me know when something like that is happening. Sam's old enough to know that coloring on everything is NOT okay! So, I had to make on of those rules that probably hurts me more than more play room for 2 days, and then they can't be up there alone until they prove that they can "be nice" to the house and Mommy and Daddy's things. Ugh! I shut the door to that room and haven't been up there in the heck am I going to get green crayon off the glider frame and couch? I'm not even going to try on the wall, it would take 20 Mr. Clean Magic bars to get it off, I mean it's one whole wall, not just a little place. Now there is no hope that my kids are going to be artists - I'm hiding all the crayons!

Look at this face though, can't stay mad at him for very long! Little stinker...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fall Pictures

Since I've been going through pics, I thought I'd post some that I am going to frame...these are mostly from last fall.


With the emotional roller coaster I have been on this past year, everything in my life has fallen to the wayside. I've just been trying to do my best to be a good wife, mom and friend and grow and heal in the process. I finally felt like I was coming out of the slump last weekend when I spent the morning putting up a photo frame collage in my hallway. I had so much fun doing that, I decided to redo the on in my entry way. Then I realized I've not been taking enough pics of my boys, so I'm determined to have more "photo shoots" so I can have more cute pics to display in my house. Then I realized I need to scrapbook from my NYC trip in October and update photo albums. For the first time in awhile, I've got a project list and it feels so good! The ridiculous thing about my new frame collages is that I haven't had to buy one frame, I had that many I wasn't using! I tend to go a little crazy when Hobby Lobby has 1/2 off on their frames (which is right now, by the way)! So, projects that don't cost money, even better! Once I get my mess cleaned up and pictures put in all the frames, I'll post some photos. I've also decided that I'm going to make a Shutterfly photo book for each of my boys for each year of their lives. Have you seen their photo books? They are really great quality and so much fun to put together. I made one for my parents and the boys had so much fun going through them, I decided they each needed their own special books all about them! What projects are you all working on? Give me some good ideas to add to my list.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My heart is heavy right now for one of my dear friends friend. She found out today that she is going to miscarry. The circumstances are terrible, as they often are w/ miscarraiges, and I can't imagine having to go through what she has gone through. I'm praying that the Lord holds her tight in His huge, comforting arms and that she will find some peace in her pain. It's so hard not to have answers when something like this happens, especially after multiple miscarraiges. Pray for her.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance?

My summer addiction. It's so good. I go to bed after I watch it dreaming that I can dance like the contestands and talk like Cat Deely.

Come on all you blog stalkers...

start your own blog, let's be blogging friends. I'm a self-confessed blog stalker myself, who can resist? Reading random thoughts and getting insights to other people's lives who you don't even know...fascinating stuff! Soap operas on the web, although not so dramatic! Come on, join me, I know you want to, I just hung up the phone with one of you, and you told me about some blog stalkers you know who you are, Houston girls. I want to see pictures of your kids and hear about how you didn't put on makeup all day, didn't do anything productive all day except not spend money, how you put your kids down at 6:30 so you could be ready for So You Think You Can Dance at 7...oh wait, that one is me. Join me's easy and addicting and one more way we can chat online!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here are a few pictures of our summer so far...

Sam's "happy face"

Having fun in the pool

I'm actually doing it!

After months of blog stalking all my friends, their friends, their friends and so on, I decided to join in. Not because I have anything interesting to say, but just to jump on the bandwagon. And, it's summer, there is nothing on TV, so my computer is my source of entertainment, and I'm bored! Here's a little update on me, although if you are reading this you probably already know everything, Neal and I live in our beloved Nashville with our beloved boys, Sam and Gabe. Sam is 4 1/2 and Gabe is almost 2 1/2. After 2 miscarriages this past year, I'm pregnant again and in my 12th week, praying that things will be okay with this little baby. We heard a heartbeat last week and are scheduled to go again on Monday to hear it again. It's been a rough 12 weeks, on top of a rough year, 2 miscarriages is certainly not something I signed up for! I never wanted to be a part of that club, and now I feel like a charter member. Hard as it's been, I'm thankful for what the Lord is teaching me and how He is drawing me nearer to Him than I've ever been. I'm thankful that when it gets really bad, I have a place to stop and to know that no matter what, I trust Him, that I want His will to be done in my life and I don't want to get in the way of that. I'd rather He be driving this car than me because He sees the big picture and I can only see what is right in front of me, and I have really bad eyesight!