Monday, January 26, 2009

Face Plant

What is it like having 4 boys in the house? See for yourself...
Luke likes to get in on the fun...
Even a serious face plant doesn't slow him down!
He was laughing hysterically when he got up and jumped right back into the pile! I love this picture, it makes me laugh each time I see it.
They all make me laugh...a lot.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Luke's Birthday Celebration

When we got home from Krispy Kreme, he (we) opened presents. He wasn't so sure about this slide at first, but now he's happy to have something else to climb on!

Then we did cake. Sam and Gabe were in full birthday party mode.

Luke did not like the cake. He also does not like balloons.

Luke's Birthday Celebration

We had a family birthday party for Luke last weekend. As is birthday tradition, we took him to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. This was his first taste of the goodness of Krispy Kreme, and I'm proud to say that he loved it! It would have been weird if he didn't! He knew all day that something was going on, maybe because we were all singing to him at every turn?

Me and my baby

First Donut

Sweet Brothers

Crazy Brothers

One Year Photos

One Year Photos

My Little One Year Old

Our littlest baby turned one a few weeks ago. January has just been plain crazy, so I'm just now getting around to posting.
Except for the "colon infection" sickness of the Fall and getting over my c-section, the last year with our third son has been a JOY. He is a joy. He makes us smile, he makes us stop, he reminds us daily to praise God and to thank Him for the miracle of Luke's life. Knowing that he is our last makes all of him growing up even more bittersweet. I would love to freeze him at the age he is right now, for just a year, so I can get in all the smiles, claps, big ole belly laughs, thick thighs, milk drinking, touch downs, head tilts and toothy grins that I can, and commit each and every one of those minutes to memory. After I have that year, I'd let him grow up some more. I'd even enjoy 18 months - 4 a little more!
I have a feeling this sweet little dude is going to be a stinker. He already runs away from us when he knows he is doing something he shouldn't. He gets in to so much more than Gabe and Sam ever thought was even possible. Nothing is safe from this kid!
Happy first birthday Luke!
The above pics are from our One Year Photo Shoot. Because I can't for the life of me figure out how to post more than 4 pictures, there will be a few post of just the photos from our little shoot.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What have we been up to?

I have not been in a bloggy mood so far this new year, as you can tell. Today it is 12 degrees in Nashville, and, since it's so cold, they cancelled school. Can you believe that? I mean, I'm glad they did b/c I sure don't want to open any of my doors, much less let Sam go outside to the bus stop, but to cancel school because its so cold? Kinda weird. I'm sure the Northerners living here are rolling their eyes at all us wimpy Southerners. It makes for a four day weekend, so that's nice. Anyway, I have a list of things to do today, clean the bathrooms, do laundry, unload that pesky dishwasher, organize my junk drawer in the kitchen that I can't open. The kinds of things I can do when Sam's home from school because he and Gabe basically ignore me while they live in their fantasy Star Wars World. Unless, of course, they need a drink, food, help going to the bathroom or to show me how they can run and jump onto the recliner into a sitting position (Sam) or to tell me that his brother isn't letting him be his "made up guy" (Gabe). So am I getting all those things on my list done? Nope, I'm blogging. My friend Nicole would call that "productive procrastination" except I don't really think blogging is productive.

Here is what we have been up to lately:

*Sam lost all his "guys" on his PS3 Leggo Star Wars game last week. It was horribly traumatic when he realized they were all gone. He said "but Mommy, I worked so hard to get those guys". I called Neal begging him to figure out how to recover them, he tried, but they were gone. We are now trying to get as many of those little coins as we can so he can buy them all back, and being very careful to save, save, save. I have to admit that I think it was my fault, so I'm getting really good at Leggo Star Wars. I think Neal has been playing a little before he goes to bed too.

*Neal has been so busy at work and travelling quite a bit, so I've been on my own with the crazies. When that happens, bed time becomes around 6:30, instead of 8. Not for me, for them. Hey, at least I let them play their Leapsters until they fall asleep. And, really, they need that extra sleep...with school and it being so cold.

*I've been enjoying the return of all my favorite shows and some new ones. Grey's (I'm still giving it a shot), Private Practice (although I fast forwarded through the scenes with the CF dad and his kids on last nights episodes, couldn't handle that), The Office (I'm sorry, but that show is brilliantly funny, I LOVE it), 30 Rock (haven't seen last nights yet), Gossip Girl, I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I was really going to try and give The Bachelor another shot, but in the middle of it, my friend Stacey called and told me a girl who works out at one of the YMCA's around here was on a new show called True Beauty, so I switched over to watch that. Oh my goodness, y'all, it's hysterical. It's horrible, but I couldn't turn away, I was totally sucked in and now I can't stop it. Have you seen it? Of course, I was also excited about the return of American Idol. My favorite part so far was when Ryan tried to high five the blind contestant. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

*A certain little baby turned one. But that's a post of it's own.

*I was lucky enough to see Celine Dion live in concert for the second time when my friend Stacey's husband won free tickets while he was giving blood. If you ever have a chance to see Celine live, take it, you won't be disappointed, unless you are a guy, then you might be slightly disappointed, but you would get over it because you would enjoy the lighting, video, staging and all that technical stuff.

*Neal's dad went to the ER a couple days ago and ended up having emergency surgery for some stomach problems. He will be in ICU for 3 days and then the hospital for another 3. Neal happened to be in Houston when all of this was happening, so he has been able to be there at the hospital in between working. I had a fairly intense conversation with Sam and Gabe about it. I told them Poppy had surgery on his tummy to get a boo-boo out and was totally not prepared for their reactions. My sweet, sensitive oldest child started crying, worried about his Poppy. My inquisitive, curious (3.5 year old) middle child simply asked if they had cut him in half. Huh? Thankfully, Poppy is going to be okay and we are praying for a quick recovery.

*Today was supposed to be "Hibernation Day" at Sam's school today. They were to wear their pj's, bring a flashlight and a stuffed animal that they would hide until spring. How cute is that? I was wishing I could go in for Hibernation day too! We were bummed that school was cancelled, but hopefully they will reschedule so Sam's dog "Flash" can go sleep at the school until Springtime.

*Has anyone else noticed how many birthdays come up in the months of December and January? I feel like we have had a birthday party every weekend since December. Granted, two of my kids were born in those months, I just think it's interesting.

*I can't stop listening to Jason Mraz and Colbie Caliet's song "Lucky". I've always loved Jason Mraz, but this is my new favorite song of his. Google or YouTube it to see the video or just go buy it on itunes, it's such a great song.

*Since reading the Twilight books I have been looking for something good to read and everything seems to fall short. Any suggestions from you readers out there? If you haven't read Twilight, you should. Yeah, it's about teenagers and Vampires, but it's amazing, unlike anything you could imagine. You just have to trust me.

*Did you know that you can buy bags of Sonic Ice? I buy a bag and a six pack of Diet Dr. Pepper and enjoy a cup of those two wonderful things together daily, in my house, without going to Sonic. I even drink it out of a Sonic cups that I have saved. Is that weird?

*I'm dreaming of warmer weather and planning a trip to Houston in my head as I always do this time of year.

Now, I've really got to go get something done before Neal comes home!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just sayin' hi

That's about all I have to say right now. Neal took the whole week off, so we've been enjoying some family time and getting some stuff done around here. Including de-Christmasing the house and my blog. He goes back to work Monday and thus will begin the transition back into "real life". Ugh!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!