Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here is a picture of what Luke will look like this summer at the pool.

We did a little test run at the neighborhood pool yesterday, just to see how he would do. No surprises, he is all over the place! There is no way that I'll survive the pool with three boys without him wearing this monster of a life jacket. I'm sure I'll get some looks, but, hopefully everyone will understand the second they see his chubby little feet hit the concrete in a run...straight to the edge of the deep end.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We have babies!

Our little "fern babies" have hatched! I checked on them Thursday and this is what I saw...
...a nest full of baby bird fluff. There were 5 eggs, the babies are all snuggled up so close together, I can't tell how many there are right now. I've been checking on them every day and plan to get more pictures as they get older. Dear Lord, please don't let any of them fall out of the nest and die.

And, just for fun, a picture of a much cuter, less fluffy baby. The one who has figured out how to sit on a kitchen chair...then climb up and sit on the kitchen table, because isn't that what kitchen tables are for?

I think he is Neal's twin.

This is what a photo shoot looks like at our house...

I used to think the perfect picture would be three kids, looking at the camera, smiling sweetly.

My view of a perfect picture has changed drastically since having kids.

Perfect for me now is capturing who they are in these moments of their childhood.

Real life...

Monday, May 11, 2009


I've taken the plunge, reluctantly, but I did it. Kandice talked me into it and actually bought me a pair for my birthday. Not the Alexander McQueen ones pictured above, but a super cute black wedge sandal from TJ Maxx. I also found some flats at For Love 21 for $7.50. I'm still getting used to them and still feel like I'm putting on the sandals I wore when I was in 3rd grade, or somewhere around that age. I'm just a flip flops girl at heart, but I'm trying to break through my flips onto something a little more...I don't know, not flip flops.

What about y'all. Have you taken the plunge? What do you wear your Roman Sandals with?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring on my front porch

I went outside this evening to water my hanging ferns. When I walked out the front door, I noticed a bird flying out of one of them, so I wasn't surprised when I found this sweet little nest.

I was very careful to not touch it, but still had to water my beautiful fern. I've always wanted a front porch with ferns, now that I have them, I'm a little possessive about them. I'm really hoping the momma bird will come back and that we can have healthy baby birds and a healthy fern. I just want everyone to be happy.

Anyone had any experience with nests in your ferns?

Now, I'm going to go google "birds nest in my ferns".